Now that we have gone in depth about the first three disciplines of inventory performance- Alignment, Precision, and Proactivity- we are going to talk about the final discipline - Measurement.

Thrive is a cloud system. The “cloud” allows us to tap into unlimited processing power for each of our clients.  So for example, that gives us the capability to do these crazy complex forecast formulas for each of your SKU’s each weekend.  That could never have been done 15 years ago.  

The cloud also allows us to provide the Measurement.  For a system like ours to measure the performance of its own settings constantly over time requires a LOT of data storage.  That’s the reason why an ERP like Eclipse can’t possibly do it.  Eclipse has to manage a lot more than just inventory, and most of you are probably running it on one server with limited storage.

We have access to unlimited data storage so we store a lot of data for each of our clients, and that is how we are able to do inventory optimization, and how the system can measure and adjust its own settings.

Below you can see the inventory performance overview report which shows statistics and pie graphs of how your inventory is performing.

Inventory Performance Report

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