Now that you have read an overview of Thrive's four disciplines for optimal inventory performance, and have hopefully read our in depth articles about Alignment and Precision, we would like to go over the third of the four disciplines- Proactivity.

Since Thrive creates an accurate projection of sales and inventory levels, our customers become much more proactive with their inventory once they start using our system.

The textbook definition of proactivity is "serving to prepare for, intervene in, or control an expected occurrence or situation, especially a negative or difficult one." This is exactly what Thrive's inventory system does. We take your difficult situation of overbuying or under-buying inventory and control that situation much more accurately than any other system. In return, companies that use our system are able to become more Proactive with their inventory.

To effectively do this, Thrive does a few things within the system, to help your company manage it's inventory. First, we alert you to potential stockouts before they occur. We also translate lost sales to dollars so buyers can be proactive by prioritizing inventory and make more informed decisions, instead of being reactive to buying mistakes. 

In addition, Thrive's inventory system provides twelve month projected buys to key vendors and builds orders to vendor minimums to save your company on freight costs. 

Below is a example report from within our system that will show your company 12 Month Projected Buys. You can see that this report, for each SKU, shows how much inventory you should be buying, each month, over the next twelve months.

12 Month Projected Buys Report

This next example report is of the Cost of Lost Sales report from Thrive's system. Thrive is able to predict out of stocks before they occur, and estimate the lost sales and profits.  This intelligence helps the buyers prioritize their orders.  Since Thrive provides the buyers immediate visibility to the actual impact on your business (which they don’t have now) as they are placing orders, they can make more proactive decisions which has been proven to reduce lost sales and profits.  

Cost of Lost Sales Report

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