In order to effectively break through and sustain improvements to your inventory, you need a system that allows you to establish your goals. This type of system will then measure itself and make adjustments as necessary to keep moving towards your goals. In addition, it will provide feedback if something requires your review.

Well, that’s exactly what Thrive Technologies’ inventory system does. We close the loop on your inventory management. Our system is constantly readjusting its own settings or providing alerts as things change to keep you moving towards your goals.

In order to do this for our customers, Thrive Technologies employs four key disciplines for optimal inventory performance. They are:

Alignment – This is where you establish your strategic goals and let our system know what goals the system should drive towards.

Precision – Thrive’s system typically provides an aggregate forecast accuracy of over 90% – resulting in a much more precise and profitable mix of inventory than other solutions.

Proactivity – Since Thrive creates an accurate projection of sales and inventory levels, our customers become much more proactive with their inventory by using our system.

Measurement – Thrive has access to unlimited data storage and processing power in the cloud, allowing the system to measure its performance so each individual client can monitor progress towards their inventory goals.

To learn more about our system and how it can help your company’s inventory performance, please visit us at to schedule a free demo!