Historically, one of the biggest challenges facing wholesale / retail companies looking to invest in a system to improve their inventory has been getting a solid return on their investment. And let’s face it, no one in their right mind wants to invest the money and time (and go through the disruption a new system creates) if they are not confident that the return will be well worth the effort.

When Thrive was founded in 2001, we started off as a traditional software license company before we became exclusively a cloud demand forecasting company in 2005. There were several reasons we made this transition but much of it had to do with what we believe are the flaws of the old software license model that made it difficult for companies to get full utilization of their systems thus failing to realize the promised return on investment.

Thrive was the first vendor in its space to change its business model in 2005 exclusively to the cloud based model which we feel is far superior in almost every way.  We have the most experience in providing a high performance, highly secure cloud based system. The cloud model facilitates a long term mutually beneficial relationship with our clients, much higher utilization of Thrive’s system than the competition, and much quicker reliable return on investment often seen in 90 days or less. Here are the differences with our model:

  • Monthly subscription fees reduce the large upfront outlay of capital
  • Thrive takes on the cost and maintenance responsibility for server hardware, operating system, database, application upgrades. Since we already have server instances spun up and ready to accept client data, there is no installation time. This speeds up the time which customers receive benefit, and increases ROI.
  • Thrive has domain expertise in maintaining its own application as compared to a client’s IT staff so we can plan maintenance downtime to minimize disruptions to users.
  • Browser based client. Nothing needs to be installed or maintained on the user PC’s.
  • Monthly fee arrangement incentivizes Thrive to continue to add value and ensure utilization and benefits from the system
  • Thrive implementation and support team are former inventory buyers and/or supply chain consultants, often with MBA’s. Thus they understand more than technical issues, facilitating very productive business discussions with users and client senior management.  Thrive Replenishment Consultants work hard to understand client business process issues and goals, resulting in proper configuration of the Thrive application and optimal results.
  • Thrive releases a new upgrade quarterly, and performs the testing on each customer instance before rolling it out. Thrive is incentivized to continue to add functionality and continued value, committing 25% of annual revenue to R&D.
  • Thrive is the primary support for all issues relating to the Thrive system, simplifying support and unburdening IT with an application they are not familiar with.
  • Any new functionality in the Thrive system is included in the core application, ensuring all clients’ upgradeability.

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