It was the smoothest software implementation we have ever been through.
— Harman Armstrong - IT Manager/General Air
Thrive reduced our inventory by 30% while increasing our line fill rate by 8%.
— John Grasso - Vice President of Operations/Matco Norca
We are growing quickly which means that our inventory could easily get out of control if not for our Thrive system.
— Andy Polanco - VP Supply Chain/Howard Berger
We interviewed Thrive’s clients and their results were head and shoulders above the clients of Thrive’s competition.
— Garry Tabor - Executive Vice President/Associated Building Material
Thrive saves us 90 minutes a day over our previous JDA/E3 system, and has reduced our inventory by 16%.
— Dwight Lacky - Purchasing Manager/General Air
Thrive has helped make a profound impact on the way we manage inventory and demand planning activities. After our implementation we were able to reduce inventory while increasing service level. The staff at Thrive is extremely knowledgeable, always available and we have never had an issue with the “hosted” service. I have been through many software implementations in my career and the Thrive implementation was the most seamless and provided the largest ROI.
— John Grasso from Matco-Norca, Inc.
With the implementation of Thrive at our company we are able to control our service level, lower inventory, and have faster turn around on new projects. We are in control of our inventory. The staff at Thrive is available to us when we need it, and takes the time to learn our business model and how Thrive can help achieve our business goals.
— Michelle from LDR Industries, Inc
The software is very easy to use. They offer customized solutions and really try to tailor to your needs. Our account manager particularly knowledgeable and responsive. They have a lot of experience in the industry. They’re not just IT guys. If you’re looking for a company that really cares about the success of your business, give these guys a shot.
— Matt from HBC Home and Hardware Products