Thrive Firstcast Data sheet

Thrive’s Firstcast solution is a revolutionary new system designed for large distribution and retail companies that already have an advanced replenishment system such as JDA E3 or Manhattan Evant, or are using an enterprise ERP module like SAP APO, Oracle Demantra for inventory replenishment. 

Firstcast is an enterprise demand forecast optimization system based on Thrive’s proprietary patent pending forecast engine that is proven to improve the baseline statistical forecast accuracy of ERP systems and advanced replenishment systems for large distribution and retail companies, resulting in improved replenishment buys and more profitable inventory levels.

Thrive Info Sheet

As the leading provider of web based replenishment systems to distribution intensive companies, Thrive delivers best-in-class functionality proven to optimize inventory levels for a whole new generation of companies. The increase in inventory profitability resulting from an investment in Thrive’s Software as a Service (SaaS) system translates into an ROI within weeks for Thrive’s customers.

Thrive’s Replenish software automates the processes of demand forecasting and replenishment. First, Thrive Replenish creates demand forecasts for each item by leveraging proven powerful algorithms. It automatically identifies and predicts seasonality and trends. Next, Thrive Replenish facilitates an easy review process, highlighting those items that require subjective review, resulting in a solid inventory demand forecast.

Thrive Replenish Data Sheet

Since having the right inventory in stock is so critical to their businesses, distribution and retail companies need more powerful forecasting and replenishment functionality than is available in their ERP systems. Thrive Replenish from Thrive Technologies is a powerful yet easy-touse inventory forecasting and replenishment solution that increases a company’s sales and cash flow while reducing inventory costs. Thrive Replenish works by constantly evaluating and comparing each item’s individual sales forecast, safety stock requirements and economics to its existing inventory situation to create orders, then prompting the user as needed. Through Thrive Replenish, companies establish strategic service level goals, and the system first provides feedback as to the inventory levels required. Then the goals can be modified if desired. Once the goals are set, the system builds daily orders in order to achieve those goals. Thrive Replenish is a powerful inventory management system that enables your buyers and planners to become proactive inventory managers rather than reactive managers of daily inventory crises.