Thrive interfaces with your existing ERP system to collect inventory data so nothing  needs to be manually loaded into the Thrive system. This data includes your item master with SKU number and description and unit attributes such as unit cost, unit sell price, weight, cube, etc.

Additionally, Thrive gets your demand history for each item at each stocking location on a weekly basis. Finally on a daily basis, Thrive gets your latest stock status (ie on hands, on orders, etc).

All of this data is readily available from your host ERP system. We have interfaces built for most of the commonly used ERP systems in our market including Epicor Eclipse and Microsoft Dynamics. We can integrate ERP supply chain with any ERP system using an iSeries (AS/400), SQL Server, or Oracle backend, or that can at least import / export a flat file.

There is a secure connection established through the firewalls between your network and our datacenter.

These interfaces are then scheduled so they that data automatically passes back and forth to Thrive.