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multi location, inventory intensive companies

There are over 300,000 companies in the U.S. distributing products in high-service environments that need a better way to improve their fill rates and inventory turns. These companies are facing extreme competitive pressures, and need to differentiate themselves through higher-levels of customer service and increased value-add.  For many of these companies, not having stock that a customer wants to buy results in lost sales, and possibly lost customers.

Explosive growth in ‘long tail demand’ and SKU proliferation in distribution and retail is creating urgency for sophisticated inventory software that can optimize thousands or millions of SKU’s across many different stocking locations to profitably have the products in stock that customers want to buy.

experience in a Wide Variety of Industries

Thrive has experience working with a wide range of SKU intensive industries, including plumbing distribution, PVF (pipes, valves and fittings), HVAC distribution, electrical distribution, auto parts distribution, tire distribution, apparel, school / office supplies, wine and spirits, foodservice, etc.

The majority of the companies in these industries supplement the inventory management functionality included in their ERP and distribution / retail systems with buyers and analysts manually reviewing multiple spreadsheets and gigantic reports.

These companies have a tremendous opportunity to increase their inventory profitability and Thrive provides them a proven system and methodology via the cloud that reduces implementation time,  integrates easily with their host system, and provides more financial impact than any other inventory forecasting system.


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