Thrive utilizes a private cloud to deliver our Software as a Service systems to our clients in order to have the most control in the management of the system delivery.  The application and data are housed in our datacenter rather than being inside your firewall, and our users access the application over the internet.  Since we are taking on the responsibility to manage the servers and application, we ensure that our datacenter is at least as reliable and secure as the datacenters of our clients.


The servers which hold our clients’ data are hosted in a highly reliable state-of-the-art 370,000 square foot data center which features redundant power, a secure high speed connection to the internet, and a high-performance switched network.  Our data center has:

  • 140,200 square feet of 48″ raised floor
  • Utility power provided by four independent redundant feeds totaling 36 MW
  • N+1 Chiller plant with over 200 30 ton Lieberts to provide cooled air flow
  • Redundant piping systems for chilled fluid
  • Temperature above floor maintained at 70° ± 5° with humidity at 50% ± 5%
  • Diverse entrances and CO redundancy
  • In house carrier and IP provider access


In regards to physical security, our datacenter features:

  • Physical setbacks and fencing
  • Active guard patrols
  • ID checks with visitor screening
  • Active video monitoring
  • Biometric access control (both iris scans and fingerprints)
  • Other factors not made publicly known

Other security features include:

  • Information security
  • Operations security
  • Internal security
  • Logical security supported by two factor authentication
  • Testing with intrusion detection, penetration tests, and other aspects of logical access
  • Compliance includes PCI, HIPAA/HITECH, SOC 1, SOC 2, and Safe Harbor