Leading Demand Forecasting Software Vendor Profiled in CIO Review

Marietta, GA – January 27th, 2015

Thrive Technologies, the leading provider of demand forecasting software to SKU intensive companies, kicks off the year by announcing their inclusion in the CIO Review magazine’s Top 20 Most Promising Supply Chain Solution Providers.

CIO Review (www.cioreview.com) is an enterprise technology magazine that analyzed over 300 companies providing various solutions for Supply Chain Management. As part of the decision process, a CIO Review panel analyzed the companies' offerings, client testimonials, milestones, and other recognitions. To provide value to their C-level readership, CIO Review’s editorial research team then selected the best provider companies based on their demonstrated capabilities to successfully enable change with their clients measured by financial and operational impact.

By leveraging the cloud and the latest innovative demand forecasting science, Thrive Technologies has successfully increased profitability for its distribution oriented clients, which earned Thrive a spot in the Top 20.

New functionality in the demand forecasting software from Thrive Technologies (www.thrivetech.com) leverages the processing power in the cloud to quickly process complex inventory science for up to millions of SKU’s (Stock Keeping Units) for even the largest distribution companies. “We have observed that wholesalers and the master distributors in our market are not taking advantage of the latest inventory science, and are losing sales and profits unnecessarily. To fill this gap, we provide them with a cloud based demand forecasting system, which analyzes various sales transactions for each item and customer, to create an accurate forecast and optimal inventory investment for each SKU,” states Rick Morris, CEO of Thrive.

Thrive’s application provides a powerful forecast engine and replenishment system to their clients, giving them the ability to precisely align their inventory supply with their demand for each SKU at each stock location, so that they can buy optimally from their vendors. The first thing Thrive’s consultants do with a new client is to understand the client’s goals and business model so the system’s inventory policies can be set to achieve their goals. By taking inputs from their clients, Thrive Technologies can then analyze their requirements and preferences. Based on these findings, Thrive creates an adjustable model in the software and shows the results to its clients so that the clients can understand the impact of their inventory policies on their inventory levels, profitability, service levels, fill rates and inventory turns.

Thrive is a cloud-based, SaaS (Software as a Service) provider. They operate on a secure private cloud and can interface with nearly all ERP systems, regardless of platform (Windows Server, Unix, iSeries, etc.). Thrive improves inventory profitability for wholesalers and master distributors in industries such as pipes / valves / fittings (PVF), HVAC, electrical, automotive parts, consumer goods, plumbing, building supplies, and liquor / wines. Clients include Matco-Norca, Keystone Automotive, HBC Hardware, Clarke Power, Virginia ABC Stores, and Chiquita Brands.

A PDF version of CIO Review’s profile of Thrive Technologies can be accessed online by clicking here.