Thrive Technologies Announces SQL Integration to the Epicor Prophet 21 ERP System

Marietta, GA – May 10th, 2016

Today Thrive Technologies is proud to announce that they have written the queries that any Epicor Prophet 21 customer can use to pull the data needed from the Prophet 21 SQL Server database to feed Thrive’s system. This greatly shortens a data integration process which typically takes weeks to a matter of minutes. These queries can be easily scheduled and the integration is complete. Thrive's inventory software works side by side with Prophet 21's ERP system to create a much more accurate picture of upcoming sales for each SKU than ERP systems.  Thrive especially increases forecast accuracy for challenging demand such as seasonal items and low volume intermittent demand. By improving forecast accuracy, Thrive significantly improves a distributor’s ability to stock the products that their customers want to buy at the right time and in the right locations.

Thrive's inventory optimization software is targeted at Prophet 21 distribution customers that have multiple locations, thousands of unique SKU's, and millions of dollars invested in inventory. Thrive’s users  view and manage suggested purchase orders in Thrive's cloud software, which are then fed back to Prophet 21's system.  “From our analysis, the ability of ERP systems to predict your future sales for each SKU is typically about 50% accurate at the aggregate level,” observes Rick Morris, Thrive’s CEO.  “ERP systems really struggle with your lower volume items and seasonality.  The forecast directly affects how much your buyers / planners buy to stock.  Our aggregate forecast accuracy exceeds 90% accurate.  Unless they choose to carry significant overstock, the typical distributor loses 10% of annual revenues in lost sales due to out of stocks.  Thrive’s state of the art inventory science cuts that in half, adding millions of dollars in revenue to the topline, not to mention increased customer retention.”

Thrive Technologies is a cloud-based, SaaS (Software as a Service) provider.  They operate on a secure private cloud and can interface with all ERP systems, regardless of platform (Windows Server, Linux, iSeries, etc.) including Epicor Eclipse, Prophet21, Infor SXe, Oracle, Microsoft and homegrown systems.  Thrive increases inventory profitability for wholesalers and master distributors in industries such as automotive parts, pipes / valves / fittings (PVF), HVAC, electrical, consumer goods, and several other SKU intensive industry segments. Clients include Matco-Norca, LDR Industries, Webstone, General Air Service, Virginia ABC Stores, Keystone Automotive, Bauer Built, and Chiquita Brands.

About Thrive Technologies

Thrive Technologies increases inventory profitability for SKU intensive companies with its award winning cloud based demand forecasting, inventory replenishment, and inventory optimization software and services. Thrive’s systems provide industry leading accuracy of projected demand at the SKU and aggregate levels.  Thrive’s clients gain precise control over inventory levels with an automated alignment to strategic supply chain goals.  For more information, please visit Thrive Technologies at