Thrive Technologies Announces Partnership with MCA Associates

Marietta, GA – November 5th, 2014

Thrive Technologies, the leading provider of demand forecasting software to SKU intensive distribution companies, announces today a new partnership with MCA Associates, a management consulting firm focused on operational excellence with wholesale distribution and manufacturing companies.

States Rick Morris, Thrive’s CEO, “Thrive Technologies has always sought to partner and collaborate with consulting firms that are committed to providing operational excellence thought-leadership to their client’s supply chain and other key business processes.”

“We’ve found that Howard Coleman and his team at MCA Associates bring valuable real-world experience and a record of past performance that is aligned with Thrive’s mission of sharing best practices while providing demand forecasting, inventory replenishment and inventory performance evaluation to SKU intensive businesses,” concluded Morris.

Added Coleman, "The distribution industry as a whole is behind other verticals in their adoption of supply chain technologies and processes.  I am impressed with the new approach to operational efficiencies and the results that Thrive brings to this industry.  I am excited about our collaboration to build thought leadership in this community."

MCA Associates, a management consulting firm since 1986, works with wholesale distribution and manufacturing companies that are committed to operational excellence. MCA’s staff of Senior Consultants provides and implements continuous improvement solutions focused on business processes, inventory and supply chain management, distribution center/warehouse design and productivity improvement, sales development and revenue generation, information systems and technology, and organizational assessment and development. MCA Associates may be contacted at 203-732-0603, or by email at Visit their website at