Marietta, GA – May 27th, 2015

As a selected Allied Supplier of the Associated Building Materials Distributors of America (ABM), Thrive Technologies participated as a vendor sponsor for the second straight year at the 34th annual Member and Supplier Convention in Tucson, AZ.

Thrive Technologies increases inventory profitability for wholesale distributors and retailers with its award winning cloud based demand forecasting, inventory replenishment, and inventory optimization software and services. Thrive has recently received awards from CIO Review, Supply Chain Brain, and Supply and Demand Chain Executive as an innovative supply chain software company that is dramatically changing the way distribution companies buy inventory.

“Building materials distributors stock thousands of SKU’s often across multiple warehouses and branches,” states Rick Morris, Thrive’s CEO.  “The challenges of seasonal demand, intermittent demand, and new products / non selling products make it very difficult to improve inventory profitability using their ERP system alone.”

Thrive is a cloud-based, SaaS (Software as a Service) provider.  They operate on a secure private cloud and can interface with nearly all ERP systems, regardless of platform (Windows Server, Unix, iSeries, etc.)   Thrive’s systems provide industry leading accuracy of projected demand at the SKU and aggregate levels plus precise control over inventory levels with an automated alignment to strategic supply chain goals.  Thrive's software typically reduces stocked inventory by at least 15% within the first year and improves fill rates by up to 5% or more.

"We are convinced that certain innovations in technology can help our member companies strengthen their businesses and improve their profitability,” said Garry Tabor, ABM Executive Vice President.  “Thrive Technologies is one of those innovations.  I personally vetted the leading inventory improvement systems in the space before inviting the best one to be an Allied Supplier to ABM.  When all the Thrive customers I spoke to told me they had experienced inventory reductions of at least 25 – 30% while improving fill rates, I knew I had found our partner.  Thrive’s domain expertise and reputation are unrivalled in the industry.”

About Associated Building Material Distributors of America 

Associated Building Material Distributors, Inc. is an association for independent building material and millwork wholesale distributors. Founded in 1975, ABM currently has 46 member-distributors who service all 50 states and Canada. ABM has supplier agreements with approximately 70 industry-leading manufacturers.

The association also conducts management seminars and provides financial analysis, comparative industry benchmarking metrics and other key industry indicators and trends to its members. A hallmark for ABM, and a longstanding tradition, is its annual convention, bringing together industry leaders, new and innovative products and nationally-recognized keynote speakers for members and allied suppliers.  Visit us on the web at