Innovative Leader in Plumbing Industry Turns to Innovative Leader in Inventory Forecasting Software

Marietta, GA – January 12th, 2015

To ensure that they have the products in stock that their customers want to buy, while also wanting to increase inventory turns, Webstone has chosen the industry leading inventory forecasting software from Thrive Technologies to automate and improve their ability to maintain optimal inventory for their customers.

Webstone has been an industry leader since 1954. Throughout the years they have been a pioneer in the plumbing industry in high quality imported and domestic products. They continue to grow their product lines and programs to meet the ever-changing needs of the plumbing industry. With a strong focus on innovative design and stabile quality, they continue to grow market share in their markets.

In addition to utilizing many ISO 9001 certified facilities, Webstone has developed and maintained some of the most detailed and innovative quality control programs in the industry. They employ independent agents overseas that are compensated based on the success rate of each product that they sell. This is an uncompromised team effort that promotes zero defects and builds strong relationships that stand the test of time.

This dedication to their customers is one of the reasons Webstone started to consider Thrive’s inventory forecasting software. “Like most master distributors, we stock the products that we think our customers want to buy, often at the cost of optimal inventory turns for us. Our ERP system really doesn’t support our buying processes, so we rely on a lot of manual spreadsheet analysis,” states Michael Reck, President of Webstone. “With Thrive, we believe we can make our current service levels and fill rates even better, while at the same time increasing our inventory turns by forecasting more accurately and automating the inventory buying process,” concludes Reck.

Thrive is a cloud-based, SaaS (Software as a Service) provider. They operate on a secure private cloud and can interface with nearly all ERP systems, regardless of platform (Windows Server, Linux, iSeries, etc.) including Epicor Eclipse, Prophet21, and Infor SXe. Thrive increases inventory profitability for wholesalers and master distributors in industries such as pipes / valves / fittings (PVF), HVAC, electrical, automotive parts, consumer goods, plumbing, building supplies, and liquor / wines. Clients include Matco-Norca, Keystone Automotive, HBC Hardware, Clarke Power, Virginia ABC Stores, and Chiquita Brands.