As a leader in retail inventory management software, Thrive provides several systems to improve the inventory science of retailers.

For large retailers that already have a good handle on their replenishment and inventory optimization needs, and have a large assortment of SKU’s to manage, Thrive offers the Firstcast cloud demand forecast optimization service.

Firstcast is a cloud based service in our retail inventory management toolbag that leverages the industry leading forecast accuracy in Thrive’s patent pending forecast engine to improve the baseline statistical forecasts at the SKU level for retailers.

The forecasts from Firstcast leverage your existing investment in retail systems, typically increasing existing statistical forecast accuracy by at least 10 points across the SKU population. Firstcast reduces lost sales by over 50% over your existing enterprise statistical forecast system.

Retail Demand Forecasting for Wholesale & Distribution Centers

For retailers that have the challenge and opportunity to improve the stocking levels and retail demand forecasting at their DC’s and/or stores, Thrive offers the following solutions:

Thrive’s retail inventory management software can generate state of the art forecast accuracy for each SKU from the store level through the DC’s. Incorporating shelf requirements, expiration dates, and various other constraints, Thrive’s retail inventory software calculates optimal safety stock for each SKU at each location, and generates recommended orders as needed for the DC’s and the stores.

With Multi Echelon Inventory Optimization, Thrive can connect the replenishment of both warehouses and stores rather than using different systems for the two levels.