Experienced Supply Chain Consulting & Analysis Services

The reason we are so successful with our supply chain analysis clients is because we understand the inventory replenishment process. Our supply chain consulting implementation and customer support staff have years of experience at both the senior management and inventory buyer levels. We don’t just expect you to trust the formulas in the system; we take the time to explain what the system is doing and why.

Implementation Services

Our supply chain implementations are highly structured, and designed to maximize Return on Investment. Through a structured approach, a motivated company with executive sponsorship can move from manual processes to advanced replenishment in a matter of weeks. As part of our supply chain consulting implementation process, we work to understand your business model and your service level goals, sales and profit goals, and then set the system parameters to support those goals.

Integration Services

The Thrive supply chain analysis team integrates your existing applications to the Thrive system securely over an encrypted Virtual Private Network.  Through several flexible data transfer methods, we facilitate quick and elegant integration to any ERP suite.  Whether your current systems are running on an AS/400, Unix server, NT server, or other platforms, Thrive is designed to easily integrate your inventory data.

Total Supply Chain Analysis & Consulting Services

We help you reduce inventory investment, improve forecast accuracy, increase inventory turns, lower carrying costs, improve on-time delivery, maximize return on assets and optimize your sourcing and distribution network.

Beyond your implementation, Thrive's Supply Chain Consulting Services provides an array of advanced offerings to protect and enhance the value of your Thrive system:

  • Inventory Performance Optimization
  • Item Stratification (ABC analysis)
  • Distribution Network Analysis and Recommendations
  • Inventory Policy Analysis and Recommendations
  • Inventory Business Intelligence Development
  • Implementation of Recommendations


Supply Chain Management Implementation Professionals

If you are seriously considering a forecasting and/or inventory replenishment system, the quality and commitment of the people from the vendor that performs your supply chain implementation is absolutely critical to the success of the project.

Keys to Successful Supply Chain Implementation

At Thrive, we believe that the supply chain consulting vendor you select to improve your inventory forecasting and replenishment needs to provide the following to ensure your success:

  1. The people that implement and support your system should have strong domain expertise in the field of inventory purchasing for wholesalers and/or retailers.  You should ask the vendor salesperson to set up a conference call with the person(s) who will be supporting and implementing your system.
  2. The vendor you choose has to have strong technical staff to assist in the supply chain implementation efforts.  The new inventory forecasting / replenishment system will need to integrate with your host (ERP) system, and your IT staff needs to have confidence that the vendor’s people know what they are doing.
  3. The vendor must be responsive.  Large software vendors with thousands of customers are generally not able to change their software for your individual company’s specific needs. During the pre-sales process, are you getting to speak with senior management at the software vendor who are committed to doing what it takes to make you happy?  Or are you dealing with lower end staff in the field (or resellers) who may not have the influence to get you support or product changes if the system does not do what they committed?
  4. The vendor must be committed to a long term partnership.  Most software vendors for supply chain implementation claim to partner with you, but you should talk with several of their customers.  Not just the references they provide, but look at their website or press releases, and contact some of the customers they haven’t provided to you.  The supply chain management implementation of an advanced inventory forecasting and replenishment system can be challenging because the workflow of the inventory buyers / planners will change if they are used to managing the process manually.  If the vendor is more motivated to complete the supply chain implementation and get paid than they are for a long term relationship, the users may not ever fully understand and embrace the new system and workflow.  Over time, they will return to their old manual processes, and you will have just wasted a lot of money and time.
  5. Are their support staff incentivized to maximize your utilization and benefits received from the system?  Over time, your business changes.  You may have turnover in your users.  Your products and distribution network changes.  Your markets may change.  You will want to choose an inventory replenishment software vendor who will help you adapt the system configuration as needed to meet the new circumstances, and who will proactively suggest changes and/or training of new users as needed to make sure you continue to get benefits from your investment in your system.

Be Confident in Your Supply Chain Implementation Vendor

If you don’t have absolute confidence of the 5 items above, you will be taking a large risk in developing a relationship with this vendor.  These systems can have a significant impact on your profitability if done correctly by the right vendor partner .  Unfortunately, they can also be a frustrating waste of time and money if they don’t have the characteristics above.