Thrive identifies overstocked items on a daily basis, and transfers overstocked inventory to areas where it is needed, saving us in freight dollars from overseas.
— John Grasso, VP of Operations, Matco-Norca

Distribution companies with multiple warehouses face additional challenges in maintaining optimal inventory levels. How do you minimize situations where you are overstocked at one location on certain items that are desperately needed at other locations to fill sales?

Thrive’s Inventory Transfer technology for Multi Warehouse Transfers will keep your inventory balanced across your stocking locations based on upcoming demand for each item at each location.

Features of our Warehouse Inventory Transfer Solution

Warehouse Transfers will automatically transfer overstocked inventory to locations where it is needed before it generates the order to your vendor. This can be especially beneficial in scenarios where the lead time from your vendors is long. Thus transferring overstock among your domestic locations can defer an order with expensive freight from overseas.

Warehouse Inventory Transfer can use a smaller pack size than your vendor orders because companies often break vendor packs up for transfers.

Or if you don’t transfer that often, you can also use Warehouse Transfers to occasionally re-balance the inventory to transfer items that are not selling in one location to other locations where you will need to order those same items soon.

Optimizing Inventory Transfer for Multiple Warehouses

Are your warehouses set up with some dependent on (or pulling from) other warehouses?  Or do you have your vendors ship directly to each of your different locations?  (Check out Inventory Optimization if you would like to have us research the most efficient distribution network for you.)

No matter how your warehouses are structured, we can set up Warehouse Inventory Transfer to emulate your network.  Dependent warehouses can be set up in conjunction with Warehouse Transfers.